Our Company

Able-Energy (Pty) Ltd is a 100% African youth owned small business enterprise founded in 2013 by two individuals that are driven to make a significant contribution to the development of the South African economy. As such, the role that Able-Energy plays in optimising operational energy efficiencies and utilities costs of private businesses in their commercial and industrial facilities and other sectors (e.g. state entities) has a direct impact to assist us to realise our short to medium term economic prospects.

Experience tells us that most businesses in this environment of high energy prices treat energy costs as fixed overheads, which according to Able-Energy should not be the case. Energy costs are input costs to your business operations and as such can be managed.

Our organisations top priority is to assist our clients acquire reasonable insight into the relationships between business activities and operating practices and the resulting energy consumption and costs.

We seek to provide exceptional energy-efficiency and facility-improvement services in a professional, people-oriented and cost-effective manner, with an emphasis on integrity and excellence. We are committed to helping our clients turn their facilities into places that are more cost-efficient, environmentally responsible places to do business.

KWAZULU-NATAL(Durban: Head Office)
M76 Bhungezi Road
Incubator Building

Tel:+27 31 503 5224/5 Fax: +27 31 503 5234

Yellow Wood Place
140 & 145 Western Service Road
Woodmead Office Park